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It's fun to keep score in sports and card games.

But in marriage it puts you and your husband on opposite teams.

It’s exhausting to constantly keep a mental tally of all the ways he doesn’t appreciate you or that he’s holding you back. But it can feel so necessary. The problem with keeping score (or a mental tally) is that it has you working AGAINST your husband instead of with him. What if you didn’t have to keep score AND things could change in your marriage? Click below for a short video on how to stop keeping score, create a rock solid marriage, and focus on solving problems together instead of pointing fingers.

Sara Payne Coaching
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Hi, I’m Sara,

Master Certified Relationship Coach.

Like you, I know that nothing matters more in my life than the quality of my relationships.

Especially my marriage. 

But being married to someone with a demanding job can take it’s toll on you. On him. And on your whole family. 

Hi, I'm Sara
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It can be really lonely sometimes.

I remember ping-ponging back and forth between silently resenting how much my husband’s career stole our time with him and guilt, believing I should just be grateful. I often found myself thinking, ‘We did all that…for THIS?!’

I knew a rock solid relationship was possible for us–I just didn’t know HOW. 

Discovering coaching changed all of that for me. 

Things can change for you, too.

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Ready to stop feeling angry at your husband

before he even walks through the door tonight?

Not keeping score doesn’t require you to keep quiet and silently seeth while doing everything on your own. It does help you let go of anger and resentment and focus on solutions instead of scoreboards. It means you make room for working together instead of feeling isolated and alone.

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Learn how to become an equal player in your marriage.

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