Sara Payne Coaching – I Help the Doctor's Wife Rediscover Herself and Stop Resenting her Husband's Job

I help the doctor's wife stop being the backup dancer to her husband's career.

Have your goals always been placed on the back burner?

You sacrificed for at least a decade. First medical school. Then residency. All the while believing that when he was a doctor, you would finally have your turn. 

You were going to write a book. Get certified in Pilates. Earn your Master’s degree. 

Now he’s a doctor.

But you’re still waiting.

Because the kids need you. And he works all the time. And it’s just too hard. 

But what if it isn’t?

You don’t have to be the backup dancer anymore.

Watch this video to learn how to pursue your dreams while still supporting your husband and taking care of your family.