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You thought marriage would be easier. You often think, "When did we grow apart?"

Time and time again, you keep coming back to resentment and anger. And you are ready to change that.

You’ve tried to change him. It hasn’t worked. You know you could dig your heals in and blame him, but that is exhausting. 

When you are still and honest with yourself, you know there are changes you could make, too. But you’ve tried on your own and it hasn’t worked. You are ready for a guide. 

If any of this sounds familiar, I want you to know this:

There’s nothing wrong with you. And your marriage isn’t doomed. 

It’s not too late to create a rock solid relationship with your husband. 

It’s possible for you to have the connection, love, and honesty that you desire.

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It's easier than you think.

Staying stuck in resentment is exhausting. Intentional change is exciting and purposeful. Through coaching, 

You’ll learn how to focus on solving problems in your marriage instead of blaming him, his career, or yourself. 

You’ll learn how to communicate your needs without picking a fight. 

You’ll learn how to be open and vulnerable and not get defensive (even if he does).

You’ll learn how to change the dance steps in your marriage, and your entire relationship will change for the better. You are brave enough to go first. 

You’ll learn how you can pursue your desires fully without sacrificing your family’s well-being. No more playing small in your career, your community, or any part of your life.

I have combined everything I’ve learned

from coaching my clients, from my training as a Master Certified Life Coach, and from applying the tools in real time to my own marriage

into a one-on-one program that will give you the tools and skills you need to ditch the scorecard and create a loving, connected marriage. You’ll free up so much energy in your mind, body, and heart. Energy to enjoy your life and your relationships more than ever. 

I have combined everything I've learned
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Along with the tools you'll learn to create a rock solid marriage, you'll learn how to:

It's so common to feel alone and misunderstood

and like there’s no one you can really open up to.

You don’t have a place to share your struggles AND get the help you need. Venting to your sister is nice once in awhile but isn’t helping you solve your marriage problems. 

I DO understand your struggles because they have been mine, too. But I won’t let you stay stuck in them. 

Coaching gives you a space where you can bring all of your struggles and all of your judgments and all of your shame and you will be met with love and compassion.

And the truth. 

Every time.

No exceptions.

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You get to come exactly as you are--but you won’t stay that way.

You will learn how to change your marriage from the inside out.

You can have a resentment-free marriage. Coaching is the solution to get you there.

You might be thinking, ‘I’m open to working on our marriage but my partner isn’t.’ 

We can start with you. It only takes one person to completely change a marriage for the better. 

come exactly as you are
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Maybe you've thought, "I've already given so much to our marriage--isn't it his turn to change?"

Changing the dynamics of your marriage is a gift you give yourself. Let’s do this for YOU.

Yes, change takes effort. But staying stuck is harder. 

I stayed stuck for years. 

Until I found coaching.

And everything changed.

you don't have to put your ideal life on hold
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You don’t have to wait any longer for the marriage you want.

You’ve waited long enough.
sign up below to chat with sara. it’s private, over zoom, and this one conversation will give you so much clarity. 

It will jump start you on the path to creating a rock solid relationship with your partner. 

A marriage where you like him as much as you love him. 

What would it be like to…

Have the energy to do things that really matter to you?

You’ll learn how to drop the resentment in your marriage and you’ll have so much more energy to focus on the things you feel called to do.

Whether it’s finally decluttering your closets, getting the promotion you’ve put on hold for years, opening your own business, going back to school, 
or competing in that triathlon you’ve dreamed about for years. 
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Here’s what you’ll experience with coaching:

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Coaching with Sara includes:

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Ready to create a rock solid marriage?

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