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You'd be surprised what we'll discover
in a single conversation.

You’ve put your life on hold for a decade or more so you could help him pursue his.

And while you’re grateful for his dedication and hard work, you can’t help but ask yourself, ’When did his dreams replace mine?’

‘Do I even know what my dreams are anymore?’

You thought life would be easier after residency.

You always believed that if you could just survive training—then you could finally start living.

But now you find yourself thinking, ‘We did all THAT…for THIS?!’

Here’s the truth: the key to living the life you wanted isn’t found at the end of training.

It’s found in taking care of your brain.

I’ll help you take care of your brains so you can create the life you’ve been looking forward to since the first year of medical school. 

When we chat, you will be able to view your future from a new perspective and then decide what’s still possible for you. 

It isn’t therapy.

I’m a lot like a personal trainer for your emotional health.

During the call I’ll ask questions and listen without judgement. 

We’ll discuss the future you want and what to do next.

What have you got to lose?

You might be thinking, ‘I shouldn’t need someone to help me figure my life out. I’m capable of doing that on my own.’

That’s what I thought.

And yet, I wasn’t figuring my life out on my own.

Sure, I could put on a happy face and pretend that I was managing everything great.

But inside I was so completely frustrated.

Doing the same thing over and over for years.

Hoping to get a different result.

Until I found a coach.

And everything changed.

You don’t have to put your ideal life on hold any longer. You’ve waited long enough.

Book a call to discuss your specific concerns, problems, and trials.

It will jump start you on the path to creating a life where you no longer think his job is in your way. 

A life where you no longer dread the weekend when your husband is on-call.

A life where you make time for your dreams, his career, and your family’s well-being.


I learned more about why I feel the way I do in one hour with Sara than I learned in literally years of therapy.
- C
Sara’s consult call was exactly the boost I needed to jump start my goal of finally finishing the novel I’ve been writing for a decade.
- Amy

Don’t put your life on hold any longer

You’ve waited long enough.
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