Episode 220: The Emotional Backpack | Sara Payne LLC

Episode 220: The Emotional Backpack

If you find that you often worry about how other people are feeling—whether it’s thinking, “How can I make sure my husband feels comfortable at my parents’ house?” or “If only I could help my daughter feel less overwhelmed…” Then this podcast is for you. Listen in to learn how to take responsibility for the emotions you can control (your own) and how to release yourself of the things you can’t control (other people’s emotions).

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Ready to stop feeling angry at your husband

before he even walks through the door at night?

Not keeping score doesn’t require you to keep quiet and silently seeth while doing everything on your own. It does help you let go of anger and resentment and focus on solutions instead of scoreboards. It means you make room for working together instead of feeling isolated and alone.

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