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Episode 66: Blame vs. Responsibility

When people are new to thought work, I often hear them say,
“So you’re saying that everything is my fault and it’s all up to me to change my life?! What about my husband? Doesn’t he have to do anything?”
They feel like thought work is putting all the blame on them.
I like to take a different view:
It’s not about blame, I tell them.
It’s about responsibility.
No, it’s not your fault.
Yes, YOU have the power to create whatever you want in your life.
One feels shameful.
The other feels unstoppable.
Which do you choose?
Listen to this week’s episode to learn how to choose responsibility.
Click on the image to listen now.

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Ready to stop feeling angry at your husband

before he even walks through the door at night?

Not keeping score doesn’t require you to keep quiet and silently seeth while doing everything on your own. It does help you let go of anger and resentment and focus on solutions instead of scoreboards. It means you make room for working together instead of feeling isolated and alone.

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